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Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory - INL, Av Mestre José Veiga, Braga 4715-330, Portugal

Sep 7, 2023, 1:00 PM - Sep 8, 2023, 7:40 PM

We are thrilled to unveil the inaugural International Conference of CellAgri Portugal! Taking place on September 7th and 8th, this event will be held at the prestigious International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga. Join us for an exciting program of scientific presentations and poster sessions, as well as engaging round table discussions. Mark your calendars and save the date, we will be sharing further updates soon. Stay tuned!

Our goal is to foster and encourage the collaborative development of cellular agriculture within Portugal, while also sharing the latest scientific and innovative advancements related to cellular agriculture products, such as cultivated meat, fish, milk, collagen, leather, fur, wool, and hair, both nationally and internationally.

Conference chairs

Joaquim Sampaio Cabral

Sara Oliveira

Carlos Rodrigues


Confirmed speakers

Isha Datar

Executive Director of New Harvest

Isha Datar is the executive director of New Harvest, a nonprofit dedicated to ending our dependence on industrial livestock production by growing foods like meat, milk and eggs from cells instead of animals. After publishing one of the first papers to discuss cultured meat in academic literature, she coined the term "cellular agriculture" to create a new category for agricultural products produced from cell cultures rather than whole plants and animals. In 2014, Datar cofounded two of the world's first cellular agriculture companies: Perfect Day Foods (formerly Muufri) and The Every Company (formerly Clara Foods). She promptly donated all of her founding equity to New Harvest to establish a public endowment for cell ag research. Now, she works to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and steward cultured meat such that it serves the public good.

Mark Post

Professor at Maastricht University

CSO of Mosa Meat and Qorium

Dr Mark Post, MD/PhD, has had several academic appointments at Utrecht University, Harvard University, Dartmouth college, Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University. He currently is professor of Sustainable Industrial Tissue Engineering at Maastricht University. He is visiting professor at Harvard, University of Modena and faculty at Singularity University. His main research interest is the engineering of tissues for various applications. Tissue engineering for Food has led to the development of cultured beef from bovine skeletal muscle stem cells. The same technology is used to culture leather. Dr Post co-authored 200 papers in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and coordinated several national consortia with funding and awards from different sources including government, charity and industry. He is a frequent speaker at international events on innovation in the agrifood sector. He presented the world’s first hamburger from cultured beef in the August 2013 for which he received the World Technology Award from AAAS/Times/Forbes. Dr Post is CSO and co-founder of Mosa Meat and of Qorium, two companies that aim to commercialize meat and leather applications of tissue engineering. Together, these companies have 170 employees, 105 of whom are scientists.

Vítor Espírito Santo

Senior Director of Cellular Agriculture at Good Meat

Vitor Espirito Santo is a biomedical engineer with 15 years of international professional experience in the fields of biotechnology, tissue engineering, stem cells, regenerative medicine and cellular agriculture. He holds a MSc (2007) in Biomedical Engineering from Univ. of Minho (Portugal) and a PhD (2012) in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Stem cells at 3B’s Research Group at Univ. of Minho (Portugal) in collaboration with Kyoto Univ. (Japan). Vitor worked in the industrial biotechnology space at iBET, Immunocore, and AbbVie developing in vitro cancer cell models for improved drug discovery before moving into the cellular agriculture industry over 5 years ago. Vitor is currently the Senior Director of Cellular Agriculture at Good Meat, a sub-division of Eat Just, a Silicon Valley based company dedicated to the production of cultivated meat. His team is responsible for the R&D program involving the sourcing, selection, and optimization of animal cells for manufacturing of cultivated meat. Eat Just received the first and only worldwide regulatory approval of cultivated chicken meat in 2020 in Singapore and more recently also received the “no questions letter” from FDA for production of cultivated chicken in the United States.

Andrew Stout

Entrepeneur in Residence at Tufts University

Andrew Stout is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Tufts University's cell ag development labs, where he leads upstream research activities to develop and de-risk cultured meat technologies for real-world application. Andrew received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts in 2022 as a New Harvest Fellow in Dr. David Kaplan's lab, where he focused on cell line engineering and serum free media development for cultured meat. Prior to Tufts, Andrew entered the field of cultured meat in 2013 as a student researcher in Dr. Mark Post's lab at Maastricht University, and subsequently worked on the strain development team at Geltor, Inc., a San Francisco based company focusing on producing recombinant collagen and gelatin.

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Day 1 | September 7, 2023
Day 2 | September 8, 2023




Welcome Session

  • Carlos Rodrigues, Conference Chair, Executive Director of CellAgri Portugal and Researcher at iBB-IST
  • Lorenzo Pastrana, Group Leader of Food Processing and Nutrition Group and Chair of the Research Office at the INL
  • Gonçalo Rodrigues, Secretary of State for Agriculture
  • Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga


Roundtable 1: Cellular Agriculture in Portugal

  • Simão Soares, President of P-Bio and CEO of Silicolife
  • Deolinda Silva, Executive Director of PortugalFoods
  • Maria João Maia, Co-founder and CEO of Corium Biotech
  • Vitor Verdelho, Co-founder of CellAgri Portugal and Cell4Food
  • José Teixeira, Professor in Biotechnology at University of Minho and Vice President of the Portuguese Society of Biotechnology
  • Paulo Gaspar, Vice President of Lusiaves
  • Helena Maio, Advisor to the Board and Director of New Business at Portugal Ventures
  • Diana Oliveira, Head of R&D and Co-founder of PFx Biotech


Keynote Speaker

  • Mark Post, Professor at Maastricht University, CSO of MosaMeat and Qorium (NL)


Oral presentations — Session 1

  • Frederico Ferreira, iBB-IST (PT) ● Manufacturing cultured fish fillet: exploring 3D bioprinting, electrospun fibers and electrical stimuli
  • Joana Rosa, S2AQUA Colab (PT) ● Microalgae, the green revolution applied to cell-based food production
  • Ana Silva Almeida, Roslin Technologies (UK) ● Ovine stem cells for cultivated lamb production: the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells


Coffee break and posters


Keynote Speaker

  • Andrew Stout, Entrepreneur in Residence at Tufts University (USA) ● Growth media for cultured meat: New solutions to old challenges


Oral presentations — Session 2

  • Rene Wijffels, Wageningen University (NL) ● Cellular Agriculture in the Netherlands
  • João Garcia, European Space Agency (NL) ● MEAT4SPACE - Cultured meat for human space exploration missions
  • Hélder Tavares, iBB-IST (PT) ● Enhancing Bovine Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Proliferation: Investigating Culture Media Supplementation with Growth Factors


INL tour 1


Cocktail / Posters / Dinner


Keynote Speaker

  • Isha Datar, Executive Director of New Harvest (USA) ● Mission Cell Ag: A Call to Action for Collective Progress


Oral presentations — Session 3

  • Hélder Cruz, Good Dog Food (UK) ● The quest to achieve price parity in cultivated meat: how pet food can lead the way
  • Rodrigo Morais-da-Silva, Federal University of Paraná (BR) ● The potential relevance of associations for the progress of cellular agriculture: the case of Cell Agri Brazil
  • Will Milligan, Extracellular (UK) ● Developing low-cost, license-free cell banks for cultivated meat research


Coffee break


Roundtable 2: Challenges and Opportunities in Cellular Agriculture

  • Opening talk: Manuel Heitor, Professor at IST (PT) ● Science and Food for All: Europe and the Global South in times of increasing uncertainty and population growth
  • Dwayne Holmes, Director of Responsible Research & Innovation at New Harvest
  • Seth Roberts, Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute
  • Panos Kostopoulos, Co-Founder & CEO at Proxy Foods, Co-founder and Director of Cellular Agriculture Greece
  • Hélder Cruz, CSO of Good Dog Food
  • Ira van Eelen, CEO of KindEarth.Tech, Co-founder of RESPECTfarms and board member of Cellulaire Agricultuur Nederland
  • Rui-Paulo Cunha, Manager Food Science & Application at Meatable
  • Bibiana Matte, Co-founder and CSO of cellva Founder & Scientific Director at Nucleo Vitro


Corporate Session 1

  • Vitor Verdelho, Cell4Food (PT)
  • Maria João Maia, Corium Biotech (PT)
  • Ricardo Gouveia, 3D BioTissues (UK)
  • Diana Oliveira, PFx Biotech (PT)
  • Anouk Verber, Sparkfood (PT)
  • Bibiana Matte, cellva (BR)


Lunch and posters


Keynote Speaker

  • Vitor E. Santo, Senior Director of Cellular Agriculture at GOOD Meat (USA) ● Commercialization of cultivated meat: milestones, prospects and learnings from the GOOD Meat journey


Oral presentations — Session 4

  • Sara Oliveira, INL (PT) ● Cell-based Food Personalization with 3D food printing and bioprinting
  • Diana Marques, iBB-IST (PT) ● Electrical Stimulation in cultured meat: a strategy to enhance myogenesis
  • Lucília Domingues, University of Minho (PT) ● Precision Fermentation for Resveratrol Production from winery by-products
  • Pedro Brandão, iBET (PT) ● Monitoring productivity and predicting crash of phaeodactylum tricornutum cultures using spectroscopy and machine learning


Coffee break and posters


Corporate Session 2

  • Monika Tomecka, uFraction8 (UK)
  • Nico Kist, FoldChanges (NL)
  • Fabio Beninati, Amadori (IT)
  • Miguel Jordão, Newland Syndicate (PT)
  • TBC, SGS (PT)
  • TBC, Hanna Instruments (PT)


Oral presentations — Session 5

  • Carla Molento, Federal University Paraná (BR) ● NAPI Alternative Proteins project in the State of Paraná, Brazil
  • Teresa Serra, iBET (PT) ● Bioengineering approaches for the development of cultured meat
  • José Espirito Santo, Cell4Food (PT) ● Cellular agriculture: market perspectives


Closing Session

  • Joaquim Cabral, President of CellAgri Portugal and Full Professor at iBB-IST
  • Carlos Rodrigues, Executive Director of CellAgri Portugal and Researcher at iBB-IST
  • Sara Oliveira, Executive Committee member of CellAgri Portugal and Staff Researcher at INL


INL tour 2


INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory – is an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) headquartered in Braga, Portugal. As a unique scientific cooperation program between Spain and Portugal, INL was created under international legal status, similar to that of CERN or ESA, with the purpose of fostering cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience as well as deploying and articulating nanotechnology for the benefit of society.

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